Our Team

In an industry where the people behind a company are as important as the company itself

Ali Mohanna


Ali serves as Calibre’s Founder and Director, leveraging almost 3 decades of construction experience in both public and private sectors; ranging from commercial, residential and educational construction projects. Along with a wealth of experience, Ali holds a bachelor’s degree in Building and construction, inspiring confidence in clients and support from staff. Through executive leadership, Ali upholds strong relationships and ensures streamlined processes, thereby creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders. Ali is dedicated and passionate and believes that going above the bar is key to maintaining and exceeding Calibre’s high quality threshold.

Mahmound Bazzi

Construction Manager:

As Calibre’s Construction Manager, Mahmoud oversees all site personnel, daily operations, and the key decisions of each project. Leveraging an educational background in Building and Construction, and 20 years of industry experience, Mahmoud creates value for all stakeholders

Ahmad Mohanna

Design Manager:

Ahmad oversees the design process, including commercial, contractual, program/time awareness, and technical expertise. With over a decade of experience with Calibre, Ahmad strategically and efficiently brings together architects, structural engineers, service engineers, and specialist designers to create a coordinated design that is full of flair and cost-effective, innovative solutions

Ramia Farhat

Business manager:

Ramia has over 10 years of experience in the Management and Construction industry. As a board- certified Accountant Ramia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to aid Calibre’s progression to the next level. Utilising her critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, Ramia has put into use her extensive knowledge and skills to become one of the prime movers of Calibre's operations